Hum-Immune Biotech

Pioneer CRO for development of advanced biopharmaceuticals

Achievements of Hum-Immune

  1. Oncolytic virus production
    Construction of MV-NIS recombinant measles virus against tumor cells
  2. Production of Covid 19 vaccine
    based on adeno type 5 virus
  3. Production of Covid 19 vaccine
    based on measles virus

About Us

Hum-Immune biotech is an Iranian cutting-edge company that was established by faculty members of Pasteur Institute of Iran and Tehran University of Medical sciences in 2014. The majority of founders were biotechnologists, mostly experienced in viral vectors, viral vaccines, virus engineering and cancer biomarkers, as some of our board members were businessmen who dealt with business aspects of the company.
We have the capacity to develop many biological products, as well as biological and medical tests, but our unique expertise is on developing viral vectors, vaccines, oncolytic viruses and their process development up to semi-industrial scale. Ever since, we have developed two replicating and non-replicating vaccine candidates for COVID-19, based on measles virus and adenovirus respectively. We have also developed an oncolytic measles virus, similar to Dr. Stephen Russel production in Mayo clinic with a different strain of vaccine, which now, is getting ready for GMP grade production in Pasteur Institute of Iran. Due to its complexity, this technology is very limited worldwide, compared to the widespread use of adenovirus-based vectors.
Since our processes are based on GLP, GMP, and ISO (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), as a contract research organization (CRO) we are looking forward to have further collaborations with CMO partners and pharmaceutical companies.

Contact Us

Address: Unit 9, No 8, Hamedan alley, Kargar street, Tehran, Iran

Phone numbers: (+98)2166914389